Where the bounty begins

Nestled in the Umbrian countryside, the land of the Fiore Estate is rich in both history and nutrients. Domenica Fiore products combine the culture and traditions of Italy’s olive oil-producing heritage and the distinct characteristics of the fertile soil.


The Fiore Estate sits on the sunny hills overlooking the medieval village of Orvieto, a small city of great antiquity. It is home to the Palazzo Soliano, a papal palace from the Middle Ages. Go back even further, millions of years, and this land was a seabed, laden with shells and minerals. Today it is perched 400 meters above sea level, but the soil retains the richness of those nutrients and fossilized shells and, as a result, yields the finest, most flavorful produce.

Optimal conditions

The Fiore orchards grow on gentle slopes, perfect for drainage and establishing deep root structures. The groves are positioned at an optimal elevation, the sun works throughout the day to nurture and ripen the olives, and the altitude is too high for the olive fly to cause any damage, making it easy to grow olives organically. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used.

Sustainable agricultural practices ensure that the soil and the trees are vibrant and healthy. Crops are strategically planted around the olive trees and plowed to enrich the soil. Eighty percent of the water comes from rainfall, and all wastewater is recycled. Even the olive pomace, the solids that remain after the oil is milled, is reused for animal feed and compost.