2017 Athena International Olive Oil Competition

• Double Gold Medal | Olio Novello
• Gold Medal | Olio Monaco
• Gold Medal | Olio Reserva
• Gold Medal | Olio Veritas

This year Domenica Fiore received multiple highly-coveted awards, including Best in Show for Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil for our Olio Novello, from the 2nd annual Athena International Olive Oil Competition in Pylos, Messinia, Greece. Greece is the world’s third largest olive oil producer and is first in extra virgin olive oil production, ahead of Spain, Italy and Portugal.

This widely attended competition featured a prestigious judging panel of 23 international experts from 11 countries including globally recognized Antonio Giuseppe Lauro and founder of the Extra Virgin Alliance, Alexandra Kicenik Devarenne.

295 extra virgin olive oils from nine countries were featured in this year’s ATHIOOC competition from 92 varietals.

ATHIOOC 2017 awarded 175 medals in the following categories: 17 Double Gold (scoring 95-100%), 65 Gold (scoring 85-95%), 55 Silver (scoring 75-85%) and 38 Bronze (scoring 65-75%).

Domenica Fiore Olio Novello was awarded the coveted Best in Show for Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil category in addition to receiving a prestigious Double Gold Medal. This oil is pressed from early harvest olives in October when the olives are slightly greener, and the oil is bottled immediately, unfiltered. The result is a bright green oil, spicy with notes of green grass and the flavor of fresh olives.

Olio Monaco, Olio Reserva and Olio Veritas all received Gold Medals. Olio Monaco is produced exclusively from a single variety of the delicate Canino olives; it has aromas of green fruit and notes of herbs. Olio Reserva is Domenica Fiore’s DOP blend, a golden green oil, robust, fruity and well-balanced. Our Olio Veritas is a medium-robust oil with spiciness and notes of green almond, arugula and freshly cut grass. Domenica Fiore oils are blended from the four traditional central Italian olives – Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino and Canino.

All our oils are pressed and bottled within four hours of being hand-harvested, to ensure optimal quality and freshness. The Fiore Estate, overlooking the Orvieto Valley, has soil that is mineral-rich in marine clays and fossil seashells producing Italy’s most exquisite olive oils. We look forward to participating in next year’s Athena International Olive Oil Competition.

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