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Our greatest aspiration is to nurture the most exquisite olive fruit and preserve its vitality in the oil


The Fiore Estate

The Fiore Estate represents a story of commitment and passion. Two Italians—one from Canada and one from Italy—both dedicated to producing the very best olive oil without compromise.

Seduced by gently rolling hills and the discovery of an exceptional soil for olive groves, we were drawn to this estate overlooking the medieval village of Orvieto. Poised amidst a landscape of volcanic origins, the estate was in need of nurturing. Canadian Frank Giustra fell in love with the land, and its promise, and purchased the surrounding orchards in 2010. As a way of demonstrating his commitment to restoring health to the orchards and his Italian heritage, he named the estate after his mother in recognition of her dedication to home and family. Local Orvietano preservationist Cesare Bianchini would bring his singular knowledge of the land to the endeavor, overseeing all the farming and olive oil production.

To acknowledge the rich heritage of olive oil production that dates back to Etruscan times, the single estate has invested in the sustainable care of the land.

We control all aspects of the process: from cultivation to milling, storage, packaging and selling our award-winning Olio Novello and Olio Reserva. This allows you to know when the olives in your bottle were harvested, milled and bottled and the values of their chemical constituency.We pride ourselves in bringing you the freshest olive oil possible, bottling our oil in state-of-the-art nitrogen sealed 18/10 stainless steel bottles to preserve extremely high antioxidants levels and polyphenol count. Our gift to you—organic extra virgin olive oil that is traceable every step of the way, from an estate that employs artisanal methods from an olive oil master and is transparent at every stage.


Frank Giustra — Proprietario

For Frank Giustra, Italy has special meaning, both as a homeland and a heartland. Born in Canada to parents who had just emigrated from Italy, he and his family returned to Italy throughout his childhood to visit with relatives and friends. As an adult, he would make his home in Vancouver, yet the globe-trotting entrepreneur would return to Italy again and again. It was on a trip to Orvieto that he tasted a flavor unlike any other—an olive oil that came from a friend’s orchard.

So moved by the experience, Frank was inspired to create an uncompromising, artisanal, extra virgin olive oil, in which all the steps of the process would be traceable from beginning to end.


The pursuit of the greater good has always been a driving force in Frank’s life. He has a passion for giving back—whether through the careful tending of a beloved orchard or the establishment of a philanthropic initiative to eradicate global poverty in partnership with President Bill Clinton. His vision is for a better world, and Domenica Fiore represents the ideal of how land should be cared for and food produced.

“There is a saying: ‘Dentro l’olio la memoria della terra’. Within the oil lies the memory of the land. My hope is to produce an oil whose flavors capture this memory, and in the process preserve the land for generations to come.”


Cesare Bianchini — Direttore

Born in Orvieto to a family that has lived here for over 500 years, Cesare Bianchini has a love for food and flavour that was nourished by his family restaurant, which has been serving Orvietani for 150 years. A renowned specialist in Italian antiques, Cesare brings his singular knowledge of the land’s culture and heritage to his passion and care for the trees and the oil they give us.

With more than 12 years of experience in producing extra virgin olive oils in the region, once a pastime and hobby, Cesare has seen his passion has grown into a professional responsibility, overseeing all the farming and olive oil production for Domenica Fiore—from the careful cultivation to harvest to milling and bottling.


A master of growing and blending, Cesare knows how the land can influence the flavour of the oil. Cesare is not only a local Orvietano preservationist, but a Certified Olive Oil Taster. In his opinion, the finest land in Orvieto for growing olives is on Fiore Estate.

“My goal is to create something very special: an olive oil with a flavor that captures all that is memorable about this land, its culture and its people.”


In memoriam:

Kim Galavan — COO

July 28, 1958 – October 29, 2017
It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to our dear friend and partner, Kim Galavan.
Kim was a driving force behind establishing the Domenica Fiore brand.

Kim Galavan — COO, Fiore Fine FoodsWe wouldn’t be here today without her commitment to excellence and passion for creating the finest artisanal food products on earth.



Commitment to Sustainability

Creating healthy olive oil starts with earth that is cared for naturally and sustainably. Forging this connection with the soil means that every action is thoughtful and deliberate with the intention that the olive trees produce the best fruit possible.

When the land was first purchased, the priority was to bring health to the orchards, as they had been minimally maintained. As important as it was to bring the land back to its former vitality, it was equally important that it be done organically. Luckily for us, the climate conditions at 320 meters above sea level combined with the soil drainage and sun exposure make for perfect conditions to cultivate our trees organically.

No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used, and sustainable agricultural practices ensure that the soil and the trees are vibrant and healthy. To maintain the balance of nature in the land, 80% of the water comes from natural rainfall, which irrigates the orchards and preserves the water table.The olive trees are surrounded by cover crops, which are then plowed under to enrich the soil. All the wastewater is recycled; even the olive pomace from the milling is reused for animal feed or compost.

But most of all, we let the unique soil, rain and the glorious sun work their magic on our cherished land.



Certified organic

Domenica Fiore Olive Oil is Certified Organic by QCertificazioni (Certificazione della qualita). This certification is guaranteed by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, and by Canada. The certifying company is 3A-PTA (

DOP Classification

While Italy has a long history of olive oil production, with countless producers of fine olive oil, the country has classification denominazione d’origine protetta (protected designation of origin) to provide a benchmark for excellence. Domenica Fiore is proud to have earned the coveted and strictly regulated domain seal of Orvieto, “DOP Umbria Colli Orvietani.”

Learn more about DOP.


We like to think that our olive oil is the best in the world. That’s why it is so gratifying to have experts, connoisseurs and chefs from around the world confirm that we do make the most exquisite extra virgin olive oil. But nothing could have prepared us for the 2013 award season. (Look at the video above to see Cesare Bianchini reaction to the news)

In April of 2013 our Olio Reserva 2012 was awarded the Best-in-Class trophy in the Organic Blend Medium Intensity class at the New York International Olive Oil Competition. Furthermore, our Olio Reserva received the highest point score given at the show of 9.8.

We have won other competitions in 2013, in Japan and Los Angeles.

During our first year of production, Domenica Fiore’s organic extra virgin olive oil won five awards in international competitions, three for the Olio Reserva and two for the Olio Novello.

For more information, visit our awards page.


Sales Information


Director of Global Sales

Amanda carries the heart and soul of Domenica Fiore, proudly representing our oils across North America. With training in Business, Management and Marketing from the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown in Ireland and nearly a decade of sales experience, Amanda is just as professional with our clients, as  she is passionate for adventure and fine cuisine.

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