The finicky foodie

Perhaps the most challenging friend to buy for, the Finicky Foodie takes their food, and everything related to it, to the utmost level of seriousness.

While any of Domenica Fiore’s uncompromising organic extra virgin olive oils will undoubtedly satisfy the quality requirements of the most discerning foodie, Reserva’s DOP Umbria Colli Orvietani certification makes it an indisputable favorite. It is Domenica Fiore’s most decorated oil, and has won a number of prestigious awards.

The DOP designation, which stands for Denominazione di Origine Protetta, or Protected Designation of Origin, means the oil is certified for using local ingredients and traditional production methods and is of the highest quality. The result is a full-bodied and complex oil with overtones of artichoke leaves and almonds.

Now, to see if your favorite foodie can pick out those flavors.

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