Datterino Tomatoes

Rich and Sweet

Jarred whole with no artificial preservatives, the naturally sweet Datterino tomato is the must-have base for authentic Italian tomato sauces and antipasti.

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Datterino tomatoes grown on the Domenica Fiore estate are harvested at the peak of ripeness and carefully preserved to protect their rich flavor. The Datterino tomato takes its name from the date, with which it shares a natural sweetness and its diminutive size. The Datterino is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is offered here in its pure form, with no added sugar, salt or artificial preservatives.

Nutrition Facts

Per 1/4 Cup (60 mL)

Amount % Daily Value
Calories 20
Fat 0.2 g 0 %
Saturated 0.1 g
+ Trans 0 g 1 %
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 160 mg 7 %
Carbohydrate 3 g 1 %
Fibre / Fibres 2 g 8 %
Sugars / Sucres 3 g
Protein / Protéines 1 g
Vitamin A 4 %
Vitamin C 15 %
Calcium 2 %
Iron 2 %