Award-winning Domenica Fiore Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A medium fruitiness with notes of fresh cut grass, chicory, tomato leaves and cardoon. Tasting notes are smooth, fresh and spicy with a finish of green apple.

Suggested pairing with steamed vegetables, white fish, octopus and shellfish.


A medium fruitiness with the fragrances of artichoke leaves and almond. Tasting notes of ripe tomatoes, cooked fennel and a slight pine seed finish.

Suggested pairing with vegetable and legume soup, grilled tuna and grilled meat.


A medium robust with notes of vegetables, fresh cut grass, green almond and arugula. Tasting notes of lettuce and radish with a balanced bitterness.

Suggested food pairing with raw fish, beef tartare, tuna tartare, seafood soup, grilled seafood and shellfish.


A medium robust fruitiness with herbaceous fragrances of fresh cut grass, eggplant and artichokes. Tasting notes of dried fruits and almond with a good bitterness.

Suggested pairing with vegetable and legume soup, grilled meats and grilled vegetables.