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Simple Salmon Salad Recipe

This recipe is from Cheryl Giustra, sister-in-law of Domenica Fiore Proprietario Frank Giustra.

Baccala salad is a recipe that Mrs Giustra only ever made on Christmas Eve. Baccala is a salt-cured cod that takes days of soaking and rinsing before being able to use in a salad.  Everyone in the family loves the dish but not the preparation, so I came up with a version that uses salmon to reduce prep time. With the salmon,  the salad also becomes a lovely fresh fish dish to serve during the warm summer months.

I serve this salad on a bed of quinoa salad.

To make a simple quinoa salad, cook and chill a couple cups of quinoa in advance. Mix with chopped cucumber, cherry tomatoes, shaved carrots, garbanzo beans or edamame, lots of Italian parsley, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and Domenica Fiore olive oil.

To make the salmon salad lightly cook a fillet of salmon, keeping it moist. Cool and flake.  Mix with capers, a little caper juice, lots of Italian parsley, lemon juice and more olive oil.

Serve separately as two refreshing summer dishes, or together.