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goop Knows Olive Oil.

For those who know goop, they know there is no better destination for wellness information and products online.

Since 2008 goop has shared innovative and trend-creating tips and products for beauty, fashion, home, and kitchen. We were excited to learn this week that our friends at goop have added a new domain of expertise to their repertoire: olive oil.

goop’s latest post on olive oil is a fact-filled overview of how to select the right oil, and store it properly. And we’d be remiss not to mention that they’ve even gone so far as to divulge which oils are presently in their kitchen: our very own Reserva and Novello di Notte.

Here’s a little more from their review: The organic olive oils from Domenica Fiore are something special. Not only are they delicious but every part of the process—from harvesting to packaging—is intentionally designed to preserve the flavor and health benefits of extra virgin olive oils.

Of course, we’re not asking you to simply take their word for it…