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Domenica Fiore Welcomes Favuzzi as Exclusive Québec Distributor

Domenica Fiore is proud to announce that Favuzzi, one of Canada’s leading fine food importers, has become our exclusive distributor in Québec.

Founded in 2000 in Montreal,Canada, Favuzzi represents the reclaiming of a precious family know-how. Michel Favuzzi, founder and olive oil sommelier, built on his Italian roots to launch a business that has become one of Canada’s leading fine food importers. Favuzzi’s team of passionate foodies actively contributes to showcasing gourmet products in specialty food stores and to sharing the stories of exceptional artisans. With olive oil as its main area of expertise, the company aims to bring the world’s best oils to Canadians.


Introducing our premium organic everyday extra virgin olive oil

Following years of requests for a quality everyday oil, we are pleased to add to our family of products our 100% organic EVOO, Olio Classico. Olio Classico is now available to the public from our web store and as with the rest of our oils, can be purchased with free shipping. To celebrate the launch, we’re offering Olio Classico (500 ml) at the discounted price of $17.95 USD (marked down from our retail price of $23 USD).

Olio Classico has long been used by the top Chefs in Vancouver, Toronto and New York, and beyond in our partnering restaurants. With such positive feedback from Chefs, we knew it was time to make a premium, everyday organic olive oil for the home available.

Like all Domenica Fiore oils, Olio Classico is certified Kosher, and is exceptional in taste and quality. Packaged in dark tinted glass bottles to minimize exposure to damaging light, Olio Classico is an organic extra virgin olive with the typical robustness and spiciness of our traditional Umbrian cultivars. Olio Classico starts with fresh fruitiness, and first notes of green tomato and green grass, ending with a spicy finish. It is an excellent oil for sautéing, roasting, finishing and everyday cooking needs.

Hand picked and cold pressed, this oil is custom blended from carefully selected Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo cultivars. It will absolutely bring delight to your cooking as it will add its ancient minerals from rich seabeds from the hills of Umbria, to your dish. We look forward to hearing about your daily use and how it’s complimented your at home dining experience. We’re hoping that perhaps, some of you will even share your recipes with us, so we may try for ourselves! It’s time to get cooking and pour some vino, buon appetito!

Be the first to experience Olio Classico at home by visiting our online store.


A fresh look for Olio Reserva and the Domenica Fiore family of oils

At this year’s prestigious New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC) we received the honor of gold award recognition for each one of our oils. Our greatest achievement at this year’s competition, however, was a Best in Class award for our premium blend, Olio Reserva.

We will soon be releasing our latest Olio Reserva harvest and, with it, our newly refreshed logo and packaging design. As our founder, Frank Giustra, has said, “dentro l’olio la memoria della terra”, meaning, “within the oil lies the memory of the land.” We’re proud that our packaging now showcases the story of both our oil and the land from which it is produced.

All our oils are certified organic and kosher and our olives are hand-harvested in small batches. While quality olive oil has been likened to fine wine, it does not get better with age, as oil degrades in quality over time. For this reason, our olives are harvested, pressed into oil and bottled within just four for optimal freshness. While the label has been refreshed, our Olio Reserva continues to be meticulously packaged in a nitrogen-sealed 18/10 stainless steel bottle to reduce oxidation and ensure the highest quality freshness and flavor.

Our award-winning Olio Reserva is a master blend of carefully selected Moraiolo, Leccino, and Frantoio cultivars. It is cold-pressed to produce a fruity, well-balanced, full-bodied golden green oil. This blend is special in that it has received D.O.P. certification, meaning, in English, “Protected Designation of Origin”, a coveted designation signaling true quality.

All our labels have been redesigned to give proper acclaim to the Domenica Fiore brand, for current and future premium products. The new olive oil label shifts focus from the oil variety to the namesake Fiore brand, while maintaining unique, product-distinguishing elements on each individual oil label. On the front and sides of the label, the shell pattern has evolved to tell the more complete story of the land at the Domenica Fiore estate, once an ancient seabed. Fossils and shells found in our soil have created a unique mineral richness that provides the trees and olives with their distinct properties and exceptional quality. This is depicted on the new label, as shells evolve into branches grown from this soil.

The Olio Reserva label has received its own special treatment. Featuring a gold foil pressing of the product name and details on the front, as well as gold embellishments in the producer’s signature and individual batch number, hand signed by our diretorre Cesare Bianchini, this beautiful label highlights Reserva’s DOP-recognized premium status amongst all the oils. It expresses the product’s richness and elegance, elevating the Olio Reserva blend, while conveying the enchanting story of the Domenica Fiore brand.

We are excited to share this beautiful new label design with the release of our award-winning Olio Reserva.


The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of the year again! Christmas is less than two weeks away and if you don’t have a clue what to get for the food lovers in your life yet, don’t panic! We have curated our 2016 holiday gift guide so you can do some last minute shopping without a sweat. From Italian aged balsamic vinegar, Negroni lip balm to the world’s best extra virgin olive oil, there’s something for everyone on this list.

For the vinegar fanatics:
Balsamic Vinegar from Antica Acetaia La Secchia Quarterly Subscription – $158
This Italian balsamic vinegar is the real deal. Aceto Balsamico Di Modena *IGP from Antica Acetaia La Secchia is produced right from Modena, Italy and aged in 5 types of wood barrels including cherry, oak, acacia, chestnut and mulberry. Drizzle it on a fat chunk of parmesan cheese and you’ll wonder where this balsamic has been after all this time. With a quarterly subscription from Food52, you’ll get a 8.45 bottle delivered to your door every 3 months for an entire year.



For the home cooks: Domenica Fiore extra virgin olive oil – Olio Monaco 500 ml, $40
Exclusively made with Canino olives, our monocultivar Olio Monaco is a medium robust extra virgin olive oil with elegant notes of dried fruits and almond with a good balance of bitterness. We love using it as a finishing oil with legume soup, grilled meats and vegetables. Enjoy 15% off with our special promo code HolidayMonaco!

For the cocktail lovers:
Stewart and Claire Negroni Lip Balm, $8
There’s no lip balm out there that are quite like the ones from Stewart and Claire. Inspired by classic cocktails, Stewart and Claire makes lip balm with pure essential oils distilled from botanicals, organic shea butter and golden beeswax with no artificial scent. Our personal favorite is the Negroni lip balm, which has the dazzling notes of spiced orange and junipers.

For the serious foodies:
Pusateri’s Ciao, bella! Gift set – $470
This luxurious gift set features only the finest from Italy’s luxurious food brands, which will surely make the serious foodies swoon. With an assortment of Italian egg pasta, spicy peperoncino arrabiatta, sea salt with truffle, Domenica Fiore’s Olio Reserva, mushroom and basil white wine sauce and other Italian pantry items, you’ll be well prepared to cook up the best Italian feast this holiday season.

For the recipe books collectors: Appetites by Anthony Bourdain – $22.5
Appetites is Bourdain’s first cookbook in over a decade and it’s been eagerly-awaited since he left his professional cooking career. The book revolves around family recipes that Bourdain has experimented and tinkered at his home throughout the years. Perfect for the home cooks and those who want to learn more on home entertaining!



For the truffle lovers: Sfoglini Truffle Gift Box – $40
This whole gift box is a treat for those who love truffles. Sfoglini Porcini trumpets paired with Urbani Porcini & White Truffle Cream Sauce, Truffleist Black Summer Truffle Oil and whole rosemary? We’re so down for a truffle feast. A recipe card is also included in the box!


For the coffee / chocolate addicts: Blink Espresso Bark – $17.95 (Available at Edible Canada in-store and online)
The Vancouver-based company specialises in chocolate barks that come in the form of tablettes so you can have the fun of breaking them into chunks at home! Each bark tablette is hand-crafted with quality chocolate and this espresso dark chocolate bark is the finest proof that it’s never too early to eat chocolate in the morning.


For the bookworms: Cherry Bombe Magazine, $40 for a yearly subscription
This quarterly independent magazine celebrates everything about women and food. Each issue is dedicated to featuring stories of women in the food industry with beautiful photography. They also run a weekly podcast under the same name!


For the minimalists: Hasami Porcelain Mug Cup, $19
The minimalist Hasami Porcelain mug is perfect for a morning brew of tea or coffee and we love how it feels in hands. The material used in the mug is chosen to replicate the original feel of Hasami style pottery originated in the 16th century. Dishwasher and microwave safe.


For the pasta makers: Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Maker, $51
Made of nickel and chrome-plated steel, this Marcato Atlas pasta machine is sturdy and great for making spaghetti, fettuccine and lasagne. You can also customize the thickness of your pasta with its 10 thickness settings.


For the Italian lovers: Saul Good Italian Kitchen Gift Set – $135
This Italian-themed gift set is another of our favourites this holiday season and it includes artisanal pantry items from Vancouver-based producers, as well as Domenica Fiore Olio Reserva. It’s the perfect kit you need to make comfort food for this cozy Christmas.


Japanese and Olives: A Love Affair

Photo credit: Japan Times / Shodoshima Healthy Land Co., LTD.

When it comes to Japanese cooking, the first thing that comes into mind would be traditional Japanese ingredients such as soy sauce, fish sauce and miso. With the increasing demand of health conscious consumers, however, the use of cooking oil has shifted as people become more aware of their health and the Japanese are getting into consuming olive oil on a regular basis. Japan is now the fourth largest importer of olive oil.

Most extra virgin olive oils in the Japanese market are imported from Western countries such as Italy and Spain, and these oils are greatly appreciated by the Japanese. Japanese cookbook writer Nancy Singleton Hachisu loves going for the “the high-end Italian” extra virgin olive oil to finish off her salads at home. Even though olive oil is known for its many health benefits, many don’t really know how to pair the oil with food other than just simply dressing their salad or grilling their meat with fine oil. Hachisu has discovered good olive oil can actually “hold up to the strong flavors of soy sauce and fish sauce and enhances those two seasonings”. However, she wouldn’t recommend pairing it with miso, which has an “unctuous flavor profile like olive oil, but one at the opposite end of the spectrum”.

Photo credit: Takao Nouen no Olive Hatake Facebook Page 

It’s little known that the Japanese are also fascinated with olives, as well as their success in cultivating olives. In the Kagawa prefecture in Japan, a small island called Shodoshima has a climate that is similar to that of the Mediterranean and has been cultivating olives since 1908. The small scale olive oil production often slips off of the Japanese’s radar, but their native olive oils such as Shodoshima Healthy Land’s Olive no Mori and Takao Olive Farm’s Takao Nouen no Olive Hatake have gained recognition internationally at various olive oil competitions such as the Los Angeles County Fair and New York International Olive Oil Competition.

cowolivePhoto credit: Cupido Japan 

To the Japanese, olives are much more than the fruit to produce extra virgin olive oil.   Masaki Ishii, a Japanese cattle rancher from Shogoshima, produces wagyu beef raised with olive feeds. He has mastered the technique of processing olive skins and turns the olive waste into a feed that is known as “fruit with oil removed” to feed his cattle. According to Mr. Ishii, olives “contain lots of umami flavor of oleic acid” and he says that “Sanuki beef could gain good fatty meat if they were fed olive feed made with fruit with the oil removed… The cattle never ate it in the past because I fed it with the unprocessed skins”.

Other than the wonders of olives in wagyu beef, the Japanese also use olives in skincare. A popular Japanese cosmetics company called DHC has its entire skincare line “founded on the principles of olive oil”. They believe olive oil helps balance skin’s moisture and as olive oil has a “naturally lower oxidation rate than your skin’s natural oils, it is a perfect barrier to protect skin from irritants”. They use organic virgin olive oil that is filtered and tested in labs to produce premium skincare that are free of any fragrances and coloring agents. While olives don’t necessarily come into mind when we think of Japan, these inspiring stories are definitely slowly making changes in the Japanese diet one olive at a time.


Why The Mediterranean Diet Is The New Black

Mark Ziembicki
Health experts and nutritionists adore the Mediterranean Diet as it works wonders to our health and its many benefits in reducing health risk factors. But few of us know what the diet entails and how it really works. So what makes the Mediterranean Diet the new black and how can we implement it into our daily life?

What does a Mediterranean diet entail?

Simply put, a Mediterranean diet is rich in fresh fruits and legumes, whole grains, nuts and a moderate amount of fish and seafood. Poultry, eggs and low-fat dairy products are consumed in moderation, and red meat is rarely eaten. There is also a huge emphasis on including olive oil in the diet. The monounsaturated fat is high in polyphenol, which has many antioxidants and inflammatory properties. Studies have shown that a diet rich in extra virgin olive oil may help reducing risks in developing Type II Diabetes, heart attacks and keeps the heart young. A Mediterranean diet may also help reduce risks in many chronic diseases and protect the aging brain by reducing the risk of  dementia and Alzheimer’s.


The Mediterranean Diet Is Also A Way of Life
There is much more to the Mediterranean diet than just putting the right kind of food on the plate however. Some argue that the diet has been oversimplified, and there are studies and films on exploring how the Mediterranean diet’s healthful aspect is not only driven by smart food choices but also with an array of lifestyle factors. According to UN, the Mediterranean diet involves “a set of skills, knowledge, rituals, symbols and traditions concerning crops, harvesting, fishing, animal husbandry, conservation, processing, cooking, and particularly the sharing and consumption of food”. It’s not only about eating specific types of food, but also the social interactions when sharing meals with friends and family. “Eating together is the foundation of the cultural identity and continuity of communities throughout the Mediterranean basin. It is a moment of social exchange and communication, an affirmation and renewal of family, group or community identity,” says the report from UNESCO.

Photo credits: Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

In Anahad O’Connor’s article “The Mediterranean Diet: Is It the Food or Lifestyle?” on New York Times, she sheds light on how a team of filmmakers and Dr. Malhotra, an interventional cardiologist contend that the Mediterranean diet needs to be redefined. Their research for their independent documentary “The Pioppi Protocol” took them to Pioppi in Italy, the small town where Ancel Keys, the first scientist to boast the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, lived for the last three decades in his life. They found out “a healthful diet was only one of many factors that seemed to play a role in the longevity of people in Pioppi, where the average person has a life expectancy of about 90”.

So what are the secrets of the people in Pioppi? What Dr. Malhortra and the filmmakers did not expect was how much the Mediterranean diet is intertwined with food and lifestyle. “… the people they encountered enjoyed and savored their food, turning every meal into an excuse for a social occasion with friends and family. They notice that people spent a lot of time outdoors getting fresh air. Instead of designating daily period of time to jog or exercise, they engaged in a great deal of leisurely physical activity like walking and riding bicycles. And they seemed to have low levels of chronic stress.”

The production of “The Pioppi Protocol” was funded by a Kickstarter campaign and the documentary is renamed as “The Big Fat Mix”. To learn how you can adopt different aspects of the Mediterranean diet into your life, you can watch the film online here.



Caprese Cocktail Salad: A Twist On the Italian Classic

Tomato is so hot this August! So what’s better than celebrating summer with a salad inspired by the classic Caprese? While this Italian classic is made with mozzarella, basil and seasoned with salt and olive oil, we gave it a twist by using a special cocktail sauce instead of simply topping it with basil.



Pro tips on making the best version of this salad:

  • Use fresh balls of buffalo mozzarella. The fresh ones are so good that you’ll get plenty of milky liquid to go with the dressing!
  • Go to the farmers market in your neighbourhood and fetch the freshest sun ripened tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes and heritage tomatoes are some great choices.
  • Pick a high quality extra virgin olive oil because it truly makes a difference to the overall taste. The rule of thumb is giving an extra splash before serving!

Serves 2

1 sun ripened tomato (we use cherry tomatoes in this recipe)

1 ball of water-packed buffalo mozzarella

1 tablespoons of seafood cocktail sauce

1/2 tablespoon of ketchup
3 tablespoons of water

1/4 cup of Domenica Fiore extra virgin olive oil (We highly recommend Olio Monaco to pair with this salad)

Pinch of black pepper

Pinch of garlic and parsley seasoning


  1. Mix the seafood cocktail sauce, ketchup and water together into a dressing.
  2. Cut the cherry tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella into slices, and arrange them nicely on the plate.
  3. Dress the salad with the dressing and drizzle a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil. Don’t be shy with the olive oil!
  4. Sprinkle black pepper and garlic and parsley seasoning on top. Serve it as a side dish or simply have it as lunch with some nice, hearty bread.



Domenica Fiore travels around the globe!

It’s been an incredible year at Domenica Fiore. We’ve travelled to many cities across the globe for international olive oil competitions, as well as attending trade shows in the food industry. We can hardly wait to tell you all about what we have been up to! Are you ready to take on this journey with us? Read on.


Cesare looking all glowing and dapper with our award-winning extra virgin olive oil.
Photo credits: Darren Brown

March 2016
Athena International Olive Oil Competition

Did you know that the very first international olive oil competition in Greece took place this year? Athena International Olive Oil Competition aims to promote quality extra virgin olive oil at the “homeland of the olive and the birthplace of noble competition and the Olympic ideal”, and we’re very honoured to be part of this historical event.

An international panel of experts, including globally recognized judge Antonio Giuseppe Lauro and Alexandra Kicenik Devarenne, founder of Extra Virgin Alliance judged oils submitted from 12 countries.

Gold Medal

  • Olio Novello, Domenica Fiore’s early harvest oil
  • Olio Monaco, our Canino Monocultivar

Silver Medal

  • Olio Reserva, DOP certified

April 2016
New York International Olive Oil Competition 

This is our third time participating at New York International Olive Oil Competition, the world’s largest and most prestigious olive oil competition that’s hosted by an international jury of experts.


Domenica Fiore competed among over 820 olive oils from 26 countries, and we’re very honoured to receive the following three awards:

Gold Award

  • Olio Novello
  • Olio Reserva
  • Olio Veritas

From NYIOOC official site: Domenica Fiore represents a story of commitment and passion. Two Italians – one from Canada and one from Italy – both dedicated to producing olive oil without compromise.

Olive Japan


One of the best parts of our job is when our Italian extra virgin olive oil are enjoyed by those from afar! This is our fourth year participating in Olive Japan, an international olive oil competition that brings together the highest standards and most professional olive oil makers. The judges come from key major olive oil production countries, as well as Japanese experts recommended by the Olive Oil Sommelier Association of Japan (OSAJ). We had the pleasure to be part of the open marche at Olive Japan in July so stay tuned for another story from us soon!

Gold Medal

  • Olio Monaco
  • Olio Novello
  • Olio Reserva
  • Olio Veritas

Olio China

Domenica Fiore made it to China! China is one of the rising olive oil markets and we were very excited to be part of the 11th Oil China Competition this year.
Our EVOO competed among 153 entries from 14 countries and we took home the following awards:
Gold Olive Organic

  • Olio Monaco

Silver Olive Organic

  • Olio Novello
  • Olio Reserva
  • Olio Veritas

July 2016


After our trip in Asia, our EVOOs travel to the Middle East! Terraolivo is an international extra virgin olive oil competition taken place in Jerusalem in Israel, and Domenica Fiore EVOOs are awarded again at their 6th edition this year!

We’re very grateful for another fruitful year at Terraolivo 2016 and the awards Domenica Fiore received at this competition:
Gran Prestige Gold 

  • Olio Monaco
  • Olio Veritas

Prestige Gold 

  • Olio Novello
  • Olio Reserva

Best Packaging Design

  • Olio Reserva

World’s Best Olive Oil 

World’s Best Olive Oil ranks products of olive oil companies and their olive oil mills based on international olive oil competitions around the globe. A broad international participant base and assessments by a panel of tasting experts are considered for their ranking, which ensures their ranking results to be as fair and accurate.


We’re very pleased to announce that we have won the following awards at this global competition:

  • Olive Oil Mill, rank at 15th in the world
  • Olio Monaco, rank at 11th in the world
  • Olio Novello, rank at 21st in the world
  • Olio Reserva, rank 22nd in the world

Watch this space for more updates on our attendance at Olive Japan this year!


Introducing Olio Classico, our most versatile organic olive oil at Domenica Fiore


We are very excited to introduce our newest product, Olio Classico, our most versatile olive oil at Domenica Fiore. It’s now available exclusively at 33 Whole Foods Markets locations in Northeast U.S.

Olio Classico is a fruity, medium intensity organic extra virgin olive oil with a clean finish. You’ll find hints of green tomato and grass, with a spicy flavour lingering at the end. From roasting, frying to baking, Olio Classico makes a great oil for your cooking and finishing needs!

Need some inspiration how to pair with Olio Classico? Check out some of our favourite recipes that involves EVOO below:

Tagliatelle with Baby Artichokes by Fatta In Casa

We love baby artichokes and this pasta is easy to make and super delicious! Drizzle a bit of extra virgin olive oil over the tagliatelle before serving for a richer taste.

Yogurt and Sumac Sauce by Bon Appetit 

A healthy, simple dipping sauce that goes with charred eggplants and bread.

Salsa Macha by Smarter Fritter 

If you’re a spice lover and a salsa fan, this one is for you! This isn’t a typical type of salsa that you would normally find at groceries stores. This condiment is more like a chile pesto and goes well with any veggie bowls, grilled meat and pasta.

But if you’re in a rush and wants to make a light dinner that can be done within 3 minutes…
Get some freshly baked bread, artisanal cheese, ham and a bottle of wine. Dip the bread in Olio Classico for a kick!



5 Things You Should Know About Olive Oil Tasting


Olive oil is like wine – it’s an acquired taste. The more you taste a variety of olive oil, the more you’ll be able to distinguish the difference between them and learn how to pair them better in your daily cooking. We hosted an olive oil tasting workshop with Cesare Bianchini, our olive oil wizard who is behind our Domenica Fiore oil production in Italy.

Let’s get started!

Avoid caffeine

As much as we love caffeine, it’s best to stay away from coffee before doing an olive oil tasting. The caffeine would ruin your palette as it affects your sensory capabilities and thus affect the taste of olive oil.

Start from mild to rich

Each olive oil tasting should start with the most mild olive oil in terms of flavour profile and gradually go more intense and taste the richer and more robust olive oil blend. This will ensure your palate can taste the distinctive flavour of each oil properly.

Bitterness is actually normal

If you find there is a hint of bitterness in your oil, that is totally normal!  Quite a few people do not like the bitterness in the oil at the beginning but bitterness is actually part of the oil’s freshness and antioxidants.

Pungency Spiciness v.s. Bitterness

It’s easy to confuse pungency with bitterness. You’ll find hints of chilli and spiciness with pungency and notes of dark chocolate and dark coffee with bitterness. Pungency always comes before bitterness! Your throat will receive a hit of spiciness (which we refer to as peppery notes) and a bit of burn at the back of your throat if the oil you are tasting is more rich and robust.

Make sure your oil is slightly warm before tasting

It’s absolutely essential to warm your olive oil before tasting it. Simply pour a bit of olive oil in a small cup with curves and warm it up in the palms of your hands. Wait for around 30 seconds, smell for fruitiness, sip a small amount in your mouth, while inhaling some air through your mouth and roll it touching all points of your tongue.  Do this technique three times separately. By coating your mouth completely with the oil, you will get the full aroma of the specific oil you are tasting.


Cesare, our olive oil producer, being his usual, joyful self at Fiore Estate. 

We hope this post inspires you to try olive oil tasting at home! The more you sample, the more the olive oil world will open up to you. You’ll be amazed how versatile olive oils are when it’s paired with different food as well.