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goop’s Favorite Beauty Food

Once again we’ve been featured by our friends at goop, this time on their podcast, The Beauty Closet, with beauty editors Jean Godfrey-June and Megan O’Neill. The latest episode is an interview with 76-year-old fashion designer, Norma Kamil, where she discusses her new book, I Am Invincible

From skincare to clean eating and recipes, to alternative remedies, goop covers every tip and trick Norma swears by for ageing “beautifully and happily, decade by decade”.

Norma is Italian so it’s no surprise that olive oil features heavily in her beauty and eating habits. When asked about her favorite beauty food, she replied: “Olive oil. It has so many uses, from supporting your liver to the possibility that a tablespoon a day may help keep you regular”. She even attributes her age-defying (inner and outer) glow to sipping a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil as part of her daily routine.

Want to experience the glow firsthand? Check out our smoothest, most flavorful oils, Reserva and Novello di Notte. We can’t promise you’ll age in reverse, but at least now you have an excuse to drink olive oil straight every day.

Check out the details of our latest feature in goop’s article here.