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Helping Italy & Vancouver Through Crisis

Italy is among the hardest hit countries of the global Coronavirus pandemic. In recent weeks the hospital in our beloved Orvieto – where the Domenica Fiore estate is located – has become a center for treating those with Covid-19. To that end Domenica Fiore has donated thousands of surgical masks, gloves, goggles and other protective equipment for healthcare workers.

Town of Orvieto.

As many of our followers know, our head offices are located in Vancouver, Canada.  It has become evident over the last few weeks as social distancing restrictions and business closures have continued, that some of the most vulnerable people in our city are unable to access a consistent food supply.  Low income seniors and children in particular are in need of help.  So as of today and until May 24th, when you buy olive oil through our site, Domenica Fiore will donate 50% of your purchase price to providing meals for those in need in Vancouver.  Click the link here to stock up on your favorite oils and join us in feeding YVR.