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Peperoncino Spicy Oil Coming Soon

If you like a little heat you won’t want to miss our new chili infused extra virgin olive oil, on its way from Orvieto right now.  Peperoncino is a blend of estate frantoio and canino olives along with fresh organic habanero peppers.  It packs a punch and we recommend using it sparingly drizzled on pizza, legumes, grilled meats and fish, pasta and it’s wonderful on soups.  Or treat it like a spice and use in place of chili flakes when cooking sauces or sauteing vegetables for a more controlled level of heat.

We can’t wait to hear your feedback on this new product from Domenica Fiore and how you’re using it.  As usual, quantities are very limited. Please contact to pre-order.  Peperoncino will be ready for shipping in late April.